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Babasart's Mission to Connect Hearts

International Recognition:

Award from United Nations Population Fund (1997): This prestigious honor acknowledges Babasart’s dedication to using art as a powerful tool for social good.

OVER 96,000 SOCIAL MEDIA Followers: Babasart’s online presence showcases his talent and inspires aspiring artists.

Over 25 state-level awards and “27 years’ experience.”

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  • Stand Out From the Crowd: Offer a unique service that sets your events apart, attracting clients seeking a personalized experience.
  • Impress Your Clients: Surprise and delight guests with a cherished video portrait, generating positive buzz and happy clients.
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Woobey’s unique service elevates the perceived value of your events, making you a more attractive choice for clients seeking a premium experience.

Woobey offers a unique and memorable experience for guests, setting your events apart with a touch of personalized elegance.


Woobey elevates event experiences by creating personalized video portraits. Skilled artists capture guest likenesses on canvas using traditional media, while the entire process is filmed cinematically. Guests receive a captivating digital video portrait as a cherished keepsake.

Woobey helps event planners WOW their clients with a unique, personalized service. Guests cherish the video portraits, creating a lasting memory and generating buzz.

No! Woobey integrates seamlessly with existing workflows. It’s completely online, so no artist needs to be managed at the event, saving you time and resources.

Its goes beyond photos. Woobey offers a more personalized and emotional experience. It’s a hand-drawn portrait, filmed like a movie, creating a unique keepsake guests cherish.