From Breakup to Breakthrough: Proven Ways For how to make your ex wants you back

Breakups – a puzzle as complex as a Rubik’s Cube. The lingering question on everyone’s mind echoes, “how to make your ex wants you back”

No need for complicated stuff; we’re just sorting out the mess after a breakup and getting back to feeling okay. Maybe you rushed into a decision when you were really mad, and now you’re dealing with the results.

Remember this piece of advice from me: Instead of getting lost in regret, work on fixing what went wrong. If you want to get your ex back, start by forgiving yourself. That’s what we’ll talk about in this sincere article.

Get a tissue, my friend, and let’s look at the road to feeling better and another shot at love.”

Know the root cause of your breakup

Understanding why a breakup happened is crucial, but it can be tricky. If it’s your fault, it’s not easy to see your mistakes, and if it’s their fault, they might not acknowledge it.

Breakups often occur because people focus on each other’s errors. So, how do you figure out the real reason? We’ll delve into that shortly.

Think about it like this: you wouldn’t use just one medicine for all illnesses, right? Breakups are a bit like that—complicated and each one unique.

The reasons behind them can be all over the map. So, the fix depends on what went wrong.

Check out these five common breakup reasons, figure out where you stand, and then find the right solution. If you spend all your time searching for a one-size-fits-all reason, you’ll likely come up empty-handed.

how to make your ex wants you back

1 – Trust Issues

Trust, my friend, is like the bedrock of any relationship. Now, if your breakup was because of cheating, well, that’s a tough cookie to crack.

Infidelity doesn’t just hurt feelings; it messes with the very fabric of your connection. Rebuilding trust, you see, is a bit like climbing a mountain. It’s not impossible, but you’ve got to know the ropes.

So, if cheating caused the breakup, winning back trust takes time and a smart strategy. Stick around, and we’ll chat about the right way to mend those broken threads.


Alright, my friend, if you’re in the trust-rebuilding business after a cheating breakup, here’s a game plan!

open communication

The reality is that anyone can make a mistake, but the most important step is to admit the mistake and sincerely correct it. Start by having an honest and open conversation about the betrayal.

Both of you share your feelings, worries, and hopes without judging each other. This helps build trust by understanding where each person is coming from.

Taking responsibility and saying sorry are big steps in fixing things after cheating. Here’s the lowdown:

Own up and Apologize

The one who messed up needs to own it, no excuses. A genuine apology, recognizing the pain caused, is key. This shows responsibility and sets the stage for trust comeback. Asking for forgiveness is brave, but being forgiving is even more powerful.

Continuous actions

Getting trust back isn’t a quick fix—it’s a slow and steady journey that needs real and ongoing effort. If you’re expecting instant results, think again. Broken trust takes time to heal.

And hey, when you make promises to patch things up, make sure you keep them every time. Consistency is the key here.

2 – Compatibility Concerns Breakups

Sometimes, couples run into trouble when they don’t agree on basic life stuff—like what’s important to them, their big goals, or how they want to live. When people start thinking there might be something better out there, that’s when problems can begin.

These differences can cause a lot of challenges for a couple. It leads to arguments and feeling like you’re going in different directions.

For example, if you and your partner don’t see eye to eye on important things like values or where you see yourselves in the future, it can create a lot of tension in your relationship.


First things first, you’ve got to believe that compromise is key in any relationship. Compromise is like finding solutions when you don’t agree on everything.

Look for places where both of you can give a little and be open to adapting to each other’s needs. Being willing to make adjustments shows you’re committed to making the relationship work.

Make a list of specific areas where compromise can happen. Talk it out and find solutions that work for both of you. Stress how important it is to find common ground, keep a balance that respects each other’s values, and still keeps you united.

Making these fixes happen needs three key things: commitment, patience, and a real want to make the relationship succeed.

how to make your ex wants you back

3 – Breakups influenced by external pressures

Breakups tangled up with outside pressures often happen when life throws a bunch of stress at a couple. Work stress, money troubles, and family expectations can pile on, making the relationship fall apart.

Work stress, like crazy long hours or a tough job, can make partners drift apart, leaving less time for each other.

Money fights, arguing about budgets or future plans, can amp up tension in the relationship. And family expectations, whether from in-laws or cultural stuff, can stir up conflict and mess with how the couple works together.

In these tough spots, it’s tricky to balance all these outside pressures and keep the relationship going. Sometimes, breaking up feels like the only way to deal with the overwhelming stress.

Now, if you’re wondering how to make your ex want you back in situations like these, it’s like trying to untangle a mess—takes time and patience.


If you’re thinking of restarting a relationship that hit a roadblock because of job stress, money problems, or family pressure, here’s a plan:

First off, focus on growing personally. Show you’re committed to getting better for both of you by doing things that make you both feel good.

Have open talks about what went wrong, don’t brush off the issues, and let your ex know you’re all in to tackle these challenges together.

Be understanding about your ex’s worries, let them know you get how tough it was with all those external problems, and reassure them you’re there to support.

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Suggest practical fixes—maybe get professional advice, sort out money stuff, or set some boundaries with family. Rebuilding trust takes time, so be patient, keep at it, and prove you’re all about positive changes and a strong relationship.

Most importantly, be real, genuinely want to fix the root problems, and take action to create a more supportive partnership.

4 – Repeated violation of boundaries

In a relationship, respecting each other’s boundaries is like drawing invisible lines. It’s these lines that say what’s okay and what’s not.

Now, if one or both partners keep crossing these lines over and over, it brings in a bunch of problems and might even lead to a breakup.

These boundary violations can come in different forms—playing with emotions, invading personal space, or not respecting each other’s needs and independence.

After a while, these constant violations mess up the trust and safety in the relationship. Now, if you’re wondering how to make your ex want you back in situations like these, it’s like trying to fix a broken bridge—takes time and genuine change.

SOLUTIONS ( how to make your ex wants you back)

Here’s the plan: Make a personalized agreement for your boundaries, spelling out what you both expect and what should happen if things go wrong. It’s like a visual promise to respect each other’s limits.

Next, do this exercise where you picture a future where boundaries are always respected. Think of all the good stuff that comes from showing mutual respect.

As a little reminder, exchange symbols or items with your partner. It’s like saying, “Hey, boundaries matter to us.” Also, come up with routines or activities that symbolize hitting the reset button after any slip-ups, creating a positive vibe for rebuilding trust. Easy, right?

5 – Lack of intimacy

If a relationship is missing that emotional or physical closeness, it can seriously mess things up and even lead to a breakup.

Emotional intimacy means a deep bond where you share your feelings and vulnerabilities, while physical intimacy is all about being close and affectionate through touch. When a relationship lacks these crucial parts, you might start feeling distant and lonely.

If the emotional connection isn’t there, it’s like feeling ignored or emotionally neglected. And when physical closeness is missing, it can make you feel rejected and isolated.

Over time, these problems can shake the whole foundation of the relationship. Eventually, one or both partners might start looking for a relationship that gives them what they need emotionally and physically.


Here’s a clever idea to get your ex thinking about you again: Make a “Memory Capsule.” It’s like a box full of good memories—put in stuff like notes, meaningful items, or things that remind you both of happy times.

Then, send it to your ex with a heartfelt letter saying thanks for all those great moments you shared. This move not only brings back good memories but shows you really get the deep connection you had.

And here’s another trick: Plan a surprise event or something you both loved doing. It’s like saying, “Hey, remember how much fun we used to have?”

This surprise can bring back positive feelings and maybe even revive that special connection you had.

But remember, be sincere about it, respect your ex’s boundaries, and be ready for whatever happens—whether it’s getting back together or both of you growing individually. Easy, right!

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